Detect and stop zero-day ransomware attacks with HackerStrike’s advanced Machine Learning-based technology.

RansomStrike is a full protection platform that you can either integrate into your existing security infrastructure or implement as a stand alone solution. RansomStrike was designed from the ground up to provide real-time detection and protection using our advanced  dynamic deep learning and AI models. 

Based on meta-data obtained from the Operating System, we can detect ransomware behavior, identify what is happening and stop it— even when traditional antivirus tools can’t find the issues. 

Key Benefits

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Quickly detect zero-day ransomware attacks by 96% providing instant protection with a few clicks

Easy to use, no cybersecurity expertise required

Deployable on-premise, or in- cloud and hybrid environments

Manage all devices using a single cloud-based console

Stop ransomware spread in the network with our proprietary Autonomous self-healing technology

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Key Features

  • Easy to use, manage all connected devices and deploy configurations with a single cloud console. 
  • Advanced A.I. algorithms continuously monitor devices and the network to  instantly detect ransomware behavior and stop it before damage is done. 
  • Hackerstrike’s self-healing technology protects your devices  and immediately stops ransomware from moving through the network.
  • Define specific white-lists to avoid false positives.
  • Easy drill-down capabilities with Google™-style search on all meta-data collected. 
  • Instantly send alerts to administrators to take immediate action. 

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