Status Check

How Vulnerable are your devices and your network?

How do you know, and how can you find out?

Hackerstrike, a leading provider of security, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, understands that security and risk management (SRM) leaders and other IT professionals need to stay on top of the security health of their networks.

Hackerstrike offers a free end point security test application called Status Check that can assess your devices and network to determine how vulnerable they are to attack.

How does it work?

Status Check is a secure site that can test any device configuration or image in your organization. You simply upload a device image to the cloud (typically a standard image of a device that will be issued to a user in the organization). Status Check will validate that image against known malware threats and will provide you with a detailed report on the security state or vulnerability of that device. No confidential data is necessary. Not only can Status Check test against all known vulnerabilities, it can also identify behavior anomalies that could indicate the presence of new or “Zero Day Threats”.


IT staff get the benefit of knowing the status of devices on the network at the time the test was run.

Ransomstrike for ongoing protection

For ongoing device and network protection, we offer additional products and services. Ransomstrike is a real-time cloud-based application that uses Machine Learning (ML) for constant monitoring of devices on the network. This is particularly critical with more employees and contractors working from home and using their own devices, networks and peripherals. Machine Learning is able to detect and protect against any anomalies that appear in the network, before they can damage devices or propagate across the network.

Deploying and monitoring secure devices

Once Ransomstrike is deployed in your network, you may also want to test the safety an configuration of devices that are already in the field. Employees and contractors will often change the configurations or add/delete applications and other files that don’t meet the specifications of the organization. Status Check is a cloud-based application that remotely validates the configuration of any devices on the network. With Status Check you can determine if the device is at risk or if the configuration has been changed to put it out of compliance with organization standards. Since any device that attaches to the organization’s network is a potential threat, Status Check helps you reduce the potential attack surface of your organization.

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