Why HackerStrike?

Today’s Antivirus tools won’t prevent Zero Day Ransomware attacks 

Most antivirus tools try to prevent hacker intrusions into networks and devices. While these tools are an important part of defending against known malware, they are only part of the solution. Daily news stories of successful ransomware attacks demonstrate that IT teams need to adapt defenses that are specific to Ransomware. Antivirus tools cannot identify Zero Day attacks (that have never been seen before) because they are looking for known malware. Hackerstrike solutions work with antivirus tools to form the last line of defense.

Key Benefits

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Quickly detect zero-day ransomware attacks with Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Provide instant protection to all your devices

Easy to install and use, Get up and running the same day

No cybersecurity expertise required

Deploy on-premise, or in- cloud and hybrid environments

Manage all devices using a single cloud-based console

Stop ransomware spread in the network with our proprietary Autonomous self-healing technology

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Last Line of Defense

The HackerStrike team believed that there must be a better approach. The real threat is not the initial breach— it is the damage done to systems and data once the ransomware activates and propagates throughout the network.

Machine Learning Provides Constant Vigilance and Instant Response

The HackerStrike platform uses continuous Machine Learning algorithms to instantly recognize changes in behavior of devices that indicate the presence of malware. 

When HackerStrike sees a device behaving abnormally, we can stop the attack and alert security staff to evaluate the issue.

Our self-healing technology immediately communicates information about new anomalies or malware to the HackerStrike Cloud. That information is rapidly delivered to all connected devices to ensure that the malware does not propagate.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a victim’s files. The attacker then demands a ransom from the victim to restore access to the data upon payment. Read our Ransomware overview for more information on risks, targets, business models and how to how to protect your organization.

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