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Our vision is to provide the Last Line of Defense for your network and devices by delivering the most powerful easy to install-and-use solution on the market. Traditional antivirus solutions cannot detect Zero-day attacks because they cannot detect issues that are not on an existing list of malware.

The Hackerstrike platform and solutions are designed and deployed to complement your other security solutions. You can integrate them directly into your existing security infrastructure or implement Hackerstrike in a stand alone deployment.

HackerStrike’s patent pending technology, is based on scalable multi-AI Algorithm and unique hybrid cloud/local approach. We deploy a thin, high performance local agent on each device, while executing the bulk of the heavy processing in the Hackerstrike Cloud. Our continuous Machine Learning platform learns from each end-point on the network to detect and stop ransomware execution.

This unique approach enables us to locally deploy a powerful, lightweight agent with low latency and virtually no performance drain on local devices. The local agent  monitors the device in real time while the continuous learning engine in the Hackerstrike cloud is analyzing data from each device and communicating updates as needed.


Hackerstrike is a Silicon Valley cloud-based security services and technology company that develops and licenses sophisticated security solutions to a wide range of organizations without the need to deploy high-end IT security teams.

The founders and staff at Hackerstrike are serial entrepreneurs and experts with decades of experience in malware, security, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Hackerstrike solutions require no dedicated hardware or IT support and can be deployed and operational on the first day.

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