Hackerstrike Cloud Platform

Continuously assess huge volumes of device behavior in the cloud

The Hackerstrike Cloud Platform is a key part of our technology stack. We utilize our cloud to execute all the high volume machine learning and data processing requirements for all of our products and services.

The HackerStrike Cloud-based architecture enables us to efficiently train our algorithms without the need to invest and install expensive servers inside your network. In order to immediately detect anomalies, Hackerstrike Cloud uses metadata collected from devices on your network to train our algorithms to understand and recognize normal network behavior. Your implementation will take advantage of a fully trained algorithm that scans your endpoints and stops ransomware attacks before they do any damage. 

Continuously training the Hackerstrike Machine Learning algorithms consumes significant CPU, GPU, memory and storage resources. Building and updating an accurate algorithm also requires a lot of data.  Processing key data in the cloud eliminates overhead on local devices and ensures rapid analysis and processing of enormous amount of device behavioral data to instantly detect and stop anomalies.

HackerStrike Cloud

  • Eliminate local device processing overhead
  • Rapidly identify anomalies and malware
  • Instantly quarantine affected devices
  • Quickly distribute updates to identify new new anomalies and malware to all Hackerstrike-enabled devices

Machine Learning accelerates device security

The Hackerstrike Machine Learning algorithms continuously check the behavior of all connected devices on our platform to identify potential anomalies that can be the beginning of an attack.

Local device security always up to date

When an anomaly is detected locally, Ransomstrike immediately evaluates the behavior. If there is an issue, Ransomstrike can quarantine or remove the device from the network and simultaneously notify the Hackerstrike Cloud. The notification of a new anomaly will cause our cloud platform to update and push this new information to all devices connected to the Hackerstrike platform.

Cloud Console for remote administration
Our  cloud-based console enables you to access to all end-point and configuration data for any devices on the network regardless of location (in the cloud, on premise or remote work  from home).

Hackerstrike Security Team
The HackerStrike Security Team is continuously searching for and identifying new ransomware and attack techniques to enhance our algorithms and update the models in all end-points that have the RansomStrike App installed. The models are updated automatically so there is no IT department or end user action required.

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